Leon Pernak

Mail: pernak [ät] math.uni-sb.de


Leon Pernak

Saarland University

Department of Mathematics

Building E2.4, Room 428

66113 Saarbrücken (GER)


I am a PhD student in mathematics at the Saarland university in Germany under the supervision of Laurent Bartholdi.

My research interests are mostly group theory, both in geometric and algorithmic aspects, in particular concerning groups acting on rooted trees.

Research posters

EDT0L presentations a project together with E. Rauzy

Torsion elements in contracting self-similar groups

Where you might have met me

I attended/plan to attend the following conferences:

New Perspectives in Computational Group Theory, Warwick (UK), Jun. 24-26 2024

YGGT XII, Bristol (UK), Apr. 8-12 2024

Groups, Topologies and Applications, GTA Gran Bilbao V, Bilbao (ES), Apr. 15-19 2024

Thematic Month: Groups, Dynamics, Complexity, Words, CIRM, Luminy (FR), Jan. 29-Feb. 16 2024

Geometric and Asymptotic Group Theory with Applications (GAGTA24), CIRM, Luminy (FR), Feb. 5-9 2024

Autumn school on large scale geometry, Göttingen (GER), Oct. 9-13 2023

Hausdorff School: Formal Mathematics and Computer-Assisted Proving, Bonn (GER), Sep. 18-22 2023

Actions of totally disconnected locally compact groups on discrete structures, Münster (GER), Sep. 4-15

Geometric and Asymptotic Group Theory with Applications (GAGTA23) - Groups and Dynamics, Vienna (AUT), Jul. 17-21 2023

Summer school on high dimensional expanders, Ghent (BE), May 22-26 2023

Groups of dynamical origins, automata and spectra, Les Diablerets (CH), Mar. 19-24 2023

YGGT XI, Münster (GER), Feb. 13-17 2023